Custom PC build

100% silent

Complete pssive cooling. After having passive HTPC for few yers, I knew this needs to be passively cooled. It is simply marvellous to not to be able to hear your computer. I can listen to music while falling asleep or enjoy the silence, there is no noise, no nothing.

This guy is cooling the CPU - nofan CR95 The temperature of all cores goes rarely above 45C.

Fast enough

Needed something fast enought for building my projects and working with virtual machines. So far so good. It can build even vergy large projects in a blink of an eye.
Core i7" - 4 cores / 3.9 GHz
32 GB RAM (Corsair 32GB)
256 GB SSD (Samsung 840Pro)

list ofcomponents and prices


  1. Sitting on the floor (good for hips :) is better than any chair
  2. The adjustable arm (ergotronic LX) holds the screen (DELL U2412M)
  3. Ergonomic wireless keyboard (the keyboard is buggy, I already got it replaced and it will go for replace once again) and mouse (Penclic) on a slightly elevated desk, so that arms can be in natural position all day
  4. I am very happy with the penclic mouse, it feels very natural -like holding a pen. Prevent the RSI before it stars.

Movable and self-contained

  1. hacked into IKEA's EXPEDIT Shelving unit
  2. I was a surprised to see, that the expedit is actually empty (just paper) inside
  3. drilled wholes for cables and convection cooling
  4. I created construction holding the motherboard elevated from parts scattered in hornbach
All cables and parts are contained in the expedit.

Some pictures

After cutting the expedit, I needed to cover the emptyness inside it with black ducktape.

Building custom "case" for convection cooling.

Motherboard is elevated to the "first floor" on a construction from aluminium tubes connected by special clamps. Beneath MB is a passive PSU and SSD.

The ergotron lx arm is superb, I have no problem adjusting the screen to position I desire.

Next to keyboard is the fantastic Penclic mouse.

...and this is how you use it :)